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Assignment 2 – MOS Interviews

You and a partner will come up with a topic to ask random people about, either on campus, in San Marcos, or if need be, at a location that works best for both of you. It should be a topic that will induce answers, opinions and passion from your subjects.

You should interview enough people to complete a 1:00 – 1:15 long MOS story on the topic of your choice, therefore you should ask each person similar questions, but be prepared to ask different follow-ups of each person based on the answers that they give. Craft your questions in such a way that you’re getting unique responses from each person, and while the answers may be similar, they should be unique in their own right and advance the story along. I strongly suggest that you transcribe each of your interviews. This will make it much easier to piece your story together, and ultimately, find the soundbites that you want to use.

When soundbites are edited down, they should run between 0:07 – 0:12, so your story should contain, on average, about five-to-seven people. This means you will need to interview more than that number to ensure that you are getting quality soundbites that you can use in the story, that all of your interviews are framed properly, and that your audio is clear and usable on each interview.

Budget some time, a few hours, at least, to complete this project. Finding people, and finding people who give you good bites, can take some time. You may use the Panasonic cameras or a DSLR.  If you use a DSLR you must use either a lavalier microphone or a phone to record your interviews.  If you use the Panasonic cameras you may use either a lav or a phone. I would strongly recommend using a phone with either camera.

Setup your sequence in AVCHD 1080p / 60fps and export in format H.264 1920 x 1080

Examples can be found in TRACS under Resources > MOS Interview Assignment Examples

Shooting Requirements

  • A minimum of five interviews with five different people to use in your story.
  • Clear and consistent audio. Audio that is recorded using only a shotgun microphone, the camera’s internal microphone, or audio with static is unacceptable.
  • The interviews should be shot in manual focus, be properly white balanced, exposed (use auto iris) and in the proper 1080 format.
  • Each interview should be properly framed using the framing techniques we practiced in class.
  • Each interview should be shot from a different side, alternating left, right, etc., and each interview should be shot with a different background.
  • Each interview should be shot using a tripod.
  • Get the name (along with the spelling) of each person you interview, along with an identifier (Texas State Student, Biology Major, San Marcos Resident, Republican, Democrat, Football Fan, etc.)
  • You and your partner should shoot an equal amount of interviews. The person not shooting is to act as the reporter and ask the questions. However, if the photog has a question, jump in and ask it.

Editing Requirements

  • A creative title with both of your names
  • The story must run between 1:00 and 1:15
  • You must create a minimum of three lower-third graphics identifying the speakers by name and who they are.
    • Graphics can be created using the Essential Graphics function in Premiere. The lower-third should appear on screen long enough that we can read their first name, last name and identifier. Once you create your first lower-third, copy and paste it, changing the names and information for the subsequent graphics. This will save you time and ensure that your graphics are consistent. If your lower third template graphic doesn’t dissolve in or out automatically, add a cross dissolve at the start and finish of the graphic.
  • Your title and lower thirds should be consistent, using the same color palette and font
  • Audio must be modulated between -12 and -15 db
  • Straight cuts between bites, no transitions or wipes from bite to bite
  • The story must end with video pad (audio removed) and a film dissolve.
    • To do this, after the last word of the story, move the playhead a second beyond that last word and make a cut. Next, lock your video track and delete the audio, then unlock the video track and delete any extra video beyond the second pad. Add in your film dissolve

Naming and Uploading

Name your assignment LastName_LastName_A2 and upload it to your DropBox on TRACS

Due / Presentations: Tues, Oct 22 (Before 11:59PM) and Presentations on Wednesday in Class