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Assignment 5 – Documenting a Place or Event

You and a partner will find a place or event, it does not have to be on campus, and shoot enough video of the place to tell its story through a 0:45 – 0:50 second sequence.  You do not need to collect interviews for this story.  You are only shooting b-roll.  You and your partner should shoot an equal amount of the video.

Shoot enough b-roll to make sure that your final story uses only your best shots, avoids jump cuts, and creates a visually appealing sequence that tells a story.  Remember, each clip you shoot should last between 0:12 – 0:14 seconds and it will then be edited down to the best 0:03 – 0:04 in the final product.

Your sequence should tell a story of the place or event without words, so you must consider what visuals are going to help you accomplish this.

You may use the Panasonic cameras or a DSLR.  For either camera you must use a tripod.  You can feel free to try and get creative with the camera off of the tripod, but make sure that you have captured enough steady, visually appealing shots that you can use to tell your story before venturing off the tripod.

Setup your sequence in AVCHD 1080p / 30fps and export in format H.264 1920 x 1080

Shooting and Editing Requirements

  • Produce a 0:45 – 0:50 video sequence that tells the story of a place using just b-roll and NATS
  • Each clip used must have usable audio.  Clips without audio or audio with static are considered unpublishable and cannot be used.
  • Create a creative title – both in name and in visual form at the start of the story – and include your first and last names on the title graphic
  • Have a cross-dissolve fade between the title and the first piece of the video
  • Your story should use the sequencing methods that we talked about before break: use mainly medium or tight shots.  Wide shots are used to establish a scene or place.  Avoid jump cuts by shooting enough b-roll to allow you to seamlessly sequence your story.
  • Your b-roll should have no shakes, bumps, unnecessary movement, etc. Pick your best 0:03 – 0:06 of video for each clip you use.
  • Your story’s audio should be modulated between -12 and -15 db
  • Your story should conclude with a film dissolve
  • Do not use any other dissolves between cuts, unless those dissolves are used to note the passage of time (i.e. day to night, night to day, winter to spring, etc.). For 99% of you, you will not need any dissolves between your cuts.

Naming and Uploading

Name your assignment LastName_LastName_A5 and upload it to your DropBox on TRACS

Due / Presentations: Wed, Nov 6 by 12PM / Presentations Beginning of Class