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August 19, 2019 Story 0 Comments

Project 1 – Personal Story

Write about a turning point moment in your life. How did that moment change your life? How did it affect others in your life? What emotions were there? Tell that story. Find pictures that you have, or that relatives have, to help tell that story. You can even find pictures online to help tell that story (be sure to give credit) This is a short, personal story told from the heart. You will need to write your script and gather the material to tell the

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August 18, 2019 Assignment 0 Comments

Assignment 1 – Camera Basics

You and a partner will head out on campus and find a place or an object and shoot that place or object from a variety of perspectives. You’ll edit the piece together in a very basic format, which we will discuss in class. Setup your sequence in AVCHD 1080p / 60fps and export in format H.264 1920 x 1080 You will need to shoot a minimum of the following, but keep in mind you need to use your best examples, so overshoot: Shooting Requirements A

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August 16, 2019 Assignment 0 Comments

Assignment 2 – MOS Interviews

You and a partner will come up with a topic to ask random people about, either on campus, in San Marcos, or if need be, at a location that works best for both of you. It should be a topic that will induce answers, opinions and passion from your subjects. You should interview enough people to complete a 1:00 – 1:15 long MOS story on the topic of your choice, therefore you should ask each person similar questions, but be prepared to ask different follow-ups

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August 15, 2019 Assignment 0 Comments

Assignment 3 – Documentary Pitch

You and your partner will pitch at least two well thought out, researched, complete ideas, along with a focus statement for each pitch. Focus statement: Tells us what the story is about and why the story is worth telling. You can create these as a Word Document or a Google Doc (as a reference) Naming and Uploading This assignment does not need to be uploaded. It will be verbally pitched in class. Due / Presentations: Wed, Oct 9 by 2PM / Presentations Beginning of Class

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