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Project 1 – Personal Story

Write about a turning point moment in your life. How did that moment change your life? How did it affect others in your life? What emotions were there? Tell that story. Find pictures that you have, or that relatives have, to help tell that story. You can even find pictures online to help tell that story (be sure to give credit)

This is a short, personal story told from the heart. You will need to write your script and gather the material to tell the story. Any visual material that may relate to your story will work. Video, 8mm film, still photographs, graphics, newspaper clippings, etc. Everything needs to be digitized if it isn’t already. There are scanners in Old Main 212 if you do not have access to one. The video should be between one to two minutes.

Record your script on your phone and upload it to your external hard drive. Also upload your own pictures and online pictures to your external hard drive. If you’d like to add music to your video that will go well with your story, you can do that too.


  • Creative title that also includes your name at the start – make your title larger than your name
  • Photos should work hand in hand with your audio – ideally your photos should be on the screen for 0:03 to 0:04
  • Your voice track should be modulated between -12db and -15db
  • Any music track should be modulated between -33db and -36db
  • Your story should have a film dissolve at the end
  • Final video must be at least one minute and a half long, and no longer than 2 minutes
  • Export at a 1280 x 720 resolution



  • Did the story tell a clear narrative, touching on the emotions surrounding the turning point?
  • Does the story provide descriptive and vivid details?
  • Do we learn how the turning point affected your life / changed your life path?
  • Does the story answer all questions?

Style, Organization, and Preparation

  • Was the story well-conceived (thought out and planned) and organized in terms of the narrative?
  • Did you come ready to edit with all of the elements required?
  • Was the video uploaded on time?


  • Do the visuals clearly express all the elements of the story?
  • Are the visuals married with the script so that they don’t deter from the narration?


  • Was the audio properly modulated
  • Was the audio sufficient, consistent and clear at all times?
  • Do you have good pacing on the narration?
  • Do they have the proper inflection that supports the emotions you’re trying to convey?

Technical / Editing

  • Was the editing crips and clean, without pacing that advances the story and keeps the audience engaged?
  • Is the title creative, with no spelling errors and your name smaller than the title?
  • Did you include the film dissolve at the end? Does your music fade out?
  • Was the video edited and exported at the proper (1280 x 720) resolution?

Naming and Uploading

Name your story LastName_PS and upload it to your DropBox on TRACS

Handout – Editing and Exporting Personal Story

Due / Presentations: Wed, September 11 (During Mid Class)